I endeavor to bring you realistic tattoo inspiration. Lots of photos here.

17 thoughts on “INKspiration.

  1. I would like to get two tattoos… a key and lock in two different places. The key possibly on my foot or ankle area, and the lock possibly on my neck or behind my ear. I keep a lot in and I have my whole life, I’m very independent… and it takes time to open up and the lock represents that. The key represents the way to open my lock. I want both to like kind of vintage, like a skeleton key and intricate lock. Maybe you could help me with some inspiration

  2. Hi Katie, I absolutely love your ideas. The motivation behind your new tattoo is actually very similar to mine. Tomorrow afternoon I am getting a padlock design on my foot…

    I will see what I can find for you and also show you pictures of mine when it is done. I will send you an email.



  3. Hi Alice! 🙂 Love your webside.
    Recently I’ve been through a hard time with despression and very low self-esteem, and it has been very tough to be myself. Therefor I’d really like to have a tattoo that symbolizes me getting through it. I was thinking a text on my ribs with some japanese cherry blossoms around it, because that stands for beauty. I’ve been searcing for the right text, but it’s difficult to find something that match me, do you have any suggestions?

  4. Katrine, thanks for your kind words. I am so sorry to hear that you’ve been through a bad time, but I am glad you’re out of it now. I would love to help you come up with some ideas. I will drop you an email

  5. I have struggled with an eating disorder most of my adolecent life but was able to overcome it and I really want to get a tattoo to help symbolize it. I was thinking a small vintage looking bird cage with an open door and a small bird flying out. I really want some words to go with it, I’m obsessed with quotes and poetry but just can’t seem to find the right words to say. I’m looking for something about happiness and thought you might be able to help me out.

  6. Hi! I just recently found this blog and I absolutely LOVE it! these tattoos on here are beautiful!!

    I’ve got a question my best guy friend and I wanna get matching tattoos when I go down and see him in a couple of months and I have been looking online for matching tattoos for a woman and a man but I can’t seem to find one for the life of me 😛 I was wondering if you would be able to come up with some ideas of some sort ya know? 🙂

  7. Why thanks very much for your kind words…I will certainly try and help you. I know someone who has featured on my blog that has a his and hers tattoo…so will ask if she minds providing some inspiration too…

    Do you have any idea of the kind of thing you want? e.g. style…

    Do you already have tattoos?



    1. Youre very welcome!…I was looking through your archive but I didnt see them I guess I must have skipped over it D:. I will go back and look!
      We have been thinking of something for a while but nothing is coming to mind :/

      No idea’s he wants to get handcuffs but I def dont like that idea xP. The only reason he wants to get handcuffs is because we have been through a lot together and we have never left each others side lol

      Yes! I have six small tattoos. This will be his first tattoo

      Thanks for your help!


  8. hi alice, i love italian cammeo tattoos but i don’t know what they means and i don’t find anything on web! can you help me? thank you:) i love your blog

  9. My idea is very similar to Katie Keys’, I had a tough year and kept alot to myself and I am now dealing with overcoming the problems with help from family and friends. I am hoping to get an old school loveheart padlock to cover a small, existing tattoo. I would also like some sort of quote but I am unsure of what I would like it to say. Your help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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