My beautiful new iPhone case, by Rachel McCarthy

Pretty iPhone case
Pretty iPhone case

I bought this lovely iPhone case from the Brighton Tattoo Convention last weekend. The lovely Rachel McCarthy, from Modern Body Art, makes them and she will make a unique one for you if you order one. She sells lots of other craft-type things and prints, too. Of course her tattoos are amazing and she is another person to add to my list of people I would like to get tattooed by.

Cosmo Blog Awards induced Insomnia

Cosmo Blog Awards induced Insomnia

Dear Diary,

Tonight I read the shortlist for the Cosmo Blog Awards and my early night to get my beauty sleep is out of the window.

For the past month, Cosmo readers, blog followers, friends, family, boyfriends, pets and anyone else forced to click on the link, have been voting for their favourite (and hopefully soon to be award-winning) bloggers. It wasn’t until this evening that the enormity of it all hit me.

I have been up against some stiff competition (THERE’S 11 OTHER BLOGGERS IN THE LIFESTYLE CATEGORY  – and they’re all bloody good), and now I have realised I have to meet all these amazing people tomorrow night at the awards ceremony. Not only that, but I find out if I have won (gracious loser face at the ready) and I also have no idea what to wear (SOMEONE PLEASE DONATE AN AMAZING DRESS TO THE CAUSE!). AND, not forgetting this award is being given by COSMO magazine, one of the best girls’ mags on the planet, a magazine that I read through my teenage years and beyond.

You must follow your heart
You must follow your heart

To ease my mild panic, I have been looking for tattoo inspiration. And, I stumbled across these two beautiful tattoo-inspired artworks. Both are fitting for my situation right now. I can’t sleep and I have always followed my heart when writing this blog.

Th’ink grew out of my passion for tattoos and the lack of realistic inspiration for girls like me who want to get tattooed. I will only blog about the things I love.

Now to sleep (I hope)…

Lots of love

Alice Th’ink


Artwork found on: Soulful Frames

Tattoo art for Japan

Chris Jany, fine line tattoo düsseldorf
Chris Jany - Fine Line Tattoo, Düsseldorf

I found out about this amazing project at the London Tattoo Convention. Tattooers from around the globe have donated original paintings to be sold on auction, the paintings were on display at the convention and they were all beautiful. The proceeds of the auction will go to the Red Cross Japan relief fund.

Frank Acevedo, Good Times Tattoo
Frank Acevedo - Good Times Tattoo

Japan has influenced western tattooing for more than 100 years, with colorful woodblock prints that tell the stories of legend and folklore. And the realistic and bold tattoos of the Japanese masters. As tattooers and tattoo fans, we owe a debt to this mystic land.

The paintings will be auctioned on Ebay.
The auction begins on the 23rd of October and will end on the 30th October.

Not only will you help a worthy cause by bidding, you may well purchase an original piece of tattoo-inspired artwork too…I know which one I’ll be bidding on.

Kiya, Skinworks Köln
Kiya - Skinworks Köln


James Hamilton Miami Ink
James Hamilton - Miami Ink

Hang a Damien Hirst on your vagina

Garage magazine
Fashion meets art in new Garage magazine

Former POP editor Dasha Zhukova‘s new art and fashion bible, Garage magazine, is set to launch next week. It has already caused controversy over one of the cover images, in which a butterfly is placed provocatively over a lady’s, urm, parts. Zhukova approached several contemporary artists with the brief to design a tattoo, which would then be inked onto a ‘living canvas’.

23-year-old Shauna Taylor agreed to get a butterfly tattoo, from artist Damien Hirst, on her crotch for the feature. Tattoo artist Mo Coppoletta (The Family Business, London) was picked by Hirst himself to ink the green-and-black tattoo. The tattoo took two sessions to complete.

The black-and-white image which appears on the cover of the magazine has a butterfly sticker hiding the tattoo and reads ‘peel slowly and see.’ Inside the magazine is an innovative photo-feature titled: Inked. The subject matter has been making headlines and is considered to be somewhat controversial, it has even been banned from the shelves of UK newsagent WHSmith.

Famous artists including Jeff Koons, Jake and Dinos Chapman, John Baldessari and Paul McCarthy also feature in this project. The spread features a number of ‘willing canvases’, an assortment of men and women and raises questions about the permanency of contemporary art. ‘What are they worth? Something more than the skin on their backs?’ asks Garage’s Becky Poostchi.

The feature, despite causing some controversy, highlights the growing status of tattoos as art objects, finally people are beginning to see that tattoos themselves can be art. Some of the sketches for the tattoos are now the property of the Gagosian Gallery, only proving their status as  valuable works of art.

Richard Prince’s signature smiley face was tattooed on Conrad Lochner, a 31-year-old from New York

Urban Art – Terry Bradley

Terry Bradley has been an art love of mine for a while now. So, imagine my excitement when I found out that a gallery in my hometown, Market Harborough, now stocks an exciting selection of his work.

terrybradleyTerry Bradley’s unique style of urban art is displayed in Croft Wingates picture gallery now.

The gallery has a stunning collection of Terry’s tattoo-inspired masterpieces, so if you happen to be in the area I highly recommend popping in (if you’re lucky John Snape might even give you a coffee).

John Snape, Croft Wingates Gallery Director, is extremely excited about this collection of art and would love to hear from you if you have any questions.

Terry Bradley Croft Wingates
Manhattan Showgirls
Terry Bradley Croft Wingates
Urban collection
Terry Bradley Croft Wingates
Market Harborough with an urban twist
Terry Bradley Croft Wingates
Terry Bradley in Croft Wingates

Images  are available on paper and canvas. Also, a signed skateboard and a leatherette ‘Bradley’ Bag are part of the collection.

Terry skateboard
art on wheels

I know which one I want…Hope Angel. I just hope no one buys it before I get the chance…

It appears that my favourite Terry Bradley piece, Hope Angel, is someone else’s favourite too…I found this stunning tattoo on his facebook page.

Hope angel tattoo
Terry Bradley tattoo - work in progress

I would love a Bradley piece on my wall and my body…

Art Love – Angelique Houtkamp

angelique houtkamp
Tattoo Darling. Angelique Houtkamp

Angelique Houtkamp is the inspirational Dutch tattoo mademoiselle of the contemporary art world.

Angelique brings her own take on the graphic romance of old school tattoos to a fine art format. Her work has been featured in a multitude of magazines, periodicals and books. Her international art shows are a sell out and her tattoo waiting list can be years…

Deceptively simple and instantly recognisable…here is a selection of her beautiful pieces, off and on the body…

Love Hate

and the skin version…

love hate tattooPhoto: facebook

Angelique Houtkamp - Sailor’s sweetheart
Sailor’s sweetheart
lina angelique houtkamp

AH_piaf“Piaf”, pictured above hanging in the Nelly Duff gallery, is one of my favourite Angelique pieces. I recommend having a browse in the beautiful gallery, situated on London’s infamous Columbia Road, which features many of her pieces.

and a skin version…

PiafTattoo: Vicky Garcia

I recommend reading ReeRee Rockette‘s interview with the inspirational woman. ReeRee has a beautiful Angelique-inspired tattoo herself…

ReeRee Rockette - Angelique Houtkamp-inspired tattoo

Too much Angelique inspiration. Click on the picture below to see an album full of Angelique-inspired tattoos on her facebook page.

Angelique Houtkamp tattoos

Art Love – Charmaine Olivia

Charmaine Olivia at work

Charmaine Olivia – dreamer, painter, tea drinker, self-taught San Franciscan artist. She first started drawing with soy sauce on napkins but has since upgraded to paper and paint. She loves playing Scrabble in the park, cuddling with her kitten and drinking peppermint tea.

Her work is a mix of intense paintings and whimsical drawings, she shifts with ease between styles and mediums. Oil painting requires discipline, commitment and composition, where as her drawings are more spontaneous and free. She admires the work of Brian Viveros and Sam Weber, she is obsessed with Gustav Klimt.

Here is a selection of her differing styles of work.

Bunny Hands
Pirate Silhouette
The Garden
House Keeper

Her work has a contemporary edge and she has worked on projects with Urban Outfitters, Nylon Magazine, Eyes on Walls Threadless, Infectious, Cool Hunting and Society6. Her work also lends itself perfectly to tattooing and this girl has a tattoo inspired by Charmaine Olivia’s Vampire.

Charmaine Olivia tattoo
Tattoo by Garrett Egles

Photo: Facebook Girl: Coreena All artwork taken from Charmaine’s website

Read a full interview with Charmaine Olivia on My Modern Met.

My body is a blank canvas.

RachFeature girl: Rachael D’Alessandro
Today’s feature girl is the beautiful ink addict Rachael, she is in the buying team at Topshop, she loves art and lives in London.

Rachael considers her tattoos as art and treats her body like a blank canvas. The tattoos that adorn her body are art not necessarily about meaning, but about beauty. Art that will live on her skin forever…She even considered tattooing as a career option, but somehow her path has taken her into fashion and as you can see from this collection of photos she is one stylishly painted lady…

Heart wings tattooHer first tattoo was the heart wings, in between her shoulder blades, adapted from a drawing that she did at the age of 16 (tattoo was also done at this time but shh don’t tell anyone – clearly a rebel at heart). The tattoo was done at a studio in Lincoln.Faith tattoo

Her second tattoo is the word Faith on her wrist in  flowing type. This lovely little inking is by Chris at Modern Body Art. Chris was also lucky enough to ink her for a third time, this time her right wrist and a very feminine flowing garden vine design.

Garden vine tattoo
round and round the garden...

heart, locket and flower tattooHer fourth (and one of my faves) is her heart, locket and flower design, on her lower back, so beautifully feminine against her skin. This is by Dawny and again was done at Modern Body Art. Rachael liked this one so much she got Dawny to do her fifth arm piece, inspired by all the things she loves.

Rach's life-inspired arm design
This is Rachael's personal favourite piece

Treasure chest and agape tattoo
I unconditionally love this tattoo.

Her sixth piece, again another Modern Body Art masterpiece, is her treasure chest with the word Agape. Agape means unconditional love in Greek philosophy.

Her seventh piece is the writing on her neck, this is a love piece and her boyfriend has the same design. Inspired by Beethoven’s third love letter to Josephine, Immortal Beloved. ever thine tattoo

Rach BackRachael your art is beautiful and I would love to see more as you cover your canvas…

Photos: Olivia Snape