About th’ink.

a think tank for the inked generation.

This is an aesthetic blog with a deeper appeal that captures current musings on art, culture and fashion.

After trawls of the internet and flicking through an abundance of magazines I realised that much of the tattoo inspiration out there is unrealistic. My mission is to provide realistic inspiration that mimics the chic aspirations of girls like me. This can be anything that I find inspirational or appealing in any way, be it ink, art, fashion, music or literature.

I love receiving mail: alice.thinktattoo@gmail.com
Please get in touch if you would like to be a feature girl/boy. I am always on the hunt for new inspiration.

Some people who have already featured: Chris, Keely, Linda and Olivia.

4 thoughts on “About th’ink.

  1. Hey, I love this blog! I’m looking to get a tattoo, but have trouble finding things I like. Do you know of any good websites I could peruse or could you post some more pictures here??


  2. hey, thanks so much. This blog is only young so there are lots more pics to come. What kind of thing are you thinking about and where are you thinking of getting it? I can see if I can find the most appropriate sources of information for you.


    1. I want something relatively small on top and to the left side of my left foot. Something asthetically nice, subtly meaningful. Ideas?

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