Tattoo art for Japan

Chris Jany, fine line tattoo düsseldorf
Chris Jany - Fine Line Tattoo, Düsseldorf

I found out about this amazing project at the London Tattoo Convention. Tattooers from around the globe have donated original paintings to be sold on auction, the paintings were on display at the convention and they were all beautiful. The proceeds of the auction will go to the Red Cross Japan relief fund.

Frank Acevedo, Good Times Tattoo
Frank Acevedo - Good Times Tattoo

Japan has influenced western tattooing for more than 100 years, with colorful woodblock prints that tell the stories of legend and folklore. And the realistic and bold tattoos of the Japanese masters. As tattooers and tattoo fans, we owe a debt to this mystic land.

The paintings will be auctioned on Ebay.
The auction begins on the 23rd of October and will end on the 30th October.

Not only will you help a worthy cause by bidding, you may well purchase an original piece of tattoo-inspired artwork too…I know which one I’ll be bidding on.

Kiya, Skinworks Köln
Kiya - Skinworks Köln


James Hamilton Miami Ink
James Hamilton - Miami Ink

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