Cosmopolitan blog awards

Cosmo blog awardsI feel extremely honoured to be shortlisted for a Cosmo Blog Award, in the Lifestyle section.

I have been writing about tattoos for a number of years now and I would love to see an alternative blog, such as Th’ink, be a winner in a fashion-dominated world.

As tattoos gain increasing currency in contemporary culture, my blog mimics the chic aspirations of girls just like me. Those who use tattoos as a way of expressing themselves, but are not necessarily completely covered, and see the beauty of the art from and the sub-cultures surrounding it.

Tattoos are becoming more fashionable, I am here to make sure people  get good tattoos and think before they ink themselves for life. If you have read my blog, enjoyed it and agree with the messages I stand for,  please vote for Th’ink and help me put good tattoo art in the heart of fashion culture.

Vote here…

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