Get your tat out – Sylwia Swiderska

Get your tat out


I spotted this lovely lady in Topshop the other day, she is definitely my new tattoo crush, plus it turns out that we want to get tattooed by lots of the same people! Check out her beautiful ink…

Feature girl: Sylwia Swiderska
Location: live in London, from Poland
Occupation: student, Events, Music and Media Management at London Metropolitan University

Sylwia's sleeve

Stay Young
Stay Young

What got you into tattoos and what was your first tattoo?
I don’t think there was a particular event or situation that got me into tattoos, but I’ve always been really into music. People within the genre I was into had tattoos, so I guess that’s what started it all. My first tattoo was ‘Stay Young’ on my wrist.

Where did you get your tattoos done?
My wrists and foot were done at Riverside Tattoo in Gravesend by Les. Lady with the mirror is by Snappy at King’s Cross Tattoo Parlour. The rest of my sleeve is by Oliver Macintosh, also at Kings Cross.

Lady with a mirror
Lady with a mirror

Are you planning any more tattoos?
I’m definitely planning on getting more stuff done, I’ve got a long list of artists that I would like to get tattooed by, but being a student money is always an issue.

Arm tattooWhere do you get your inspiration from?
At first I wanted my tattoos to have meanings, so I guess I went for imagery that represented certain statements. But as I got more into tattoos and started digging deeper into the art and history of it, especially old school style, I started going for images that appeal to me on an aesthetic level. Stuff like vintage flash is something I find most inspirational, it is timeless and will not have that awful ‘hipster’ tattoo feel 20 years down the line.

How would you describe your style?
I wouldn’t like to think that I fit onto any specific style shelf. As long as something appeals to me visually or on some other level then I try and work into my wardrobe/lifestyle.

Is there anyone you would like to get tattooed by?
The list of people I’d like to get tattooed by is endless, but at the moment the top are: everyone at Smith Street in New York, Chad Koeplinger, Steve Vinall, Thomas Hooper, Uncle Allan, Claudia De Sabe.

Scales tattoo
Inspired by 'Sweet#Hart' by Closure in Moscow

Do you have a favourite tattoo?
I think my favourite is the scales on my inner arm, the inspiration came from a song called ‘Sweet#Hart’ by Closure in Moscow. It’s about balancing out, thinking with your head and thinking with your heart, which is something I’m awful at so it’s a constant reminder not to let one outweigh the other.

Let hate save you
Let hate save you

Do any of your tattoos have meanings?
As I mentioned earlier the scales have a pretty srong meaning. Girl with the mirror is a reminder to never judge people on their looks. ‘Stay Young’ is pretty self explanatory. ‘Let Hate Save You’, on my foot from a song by Emarosa is there as a reminder that if anything or anyone ever lets you down you might aswell hate it instead of letting it get to you (this last one makes me sound awful haha).

Beautiful tattoos and a very interesting interview. Lovely to meet you Sylwia and I LOVE your tattoos.

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