My cameo tattoo, by Andrea Furci

From start to finish – this is the story of my beautiful new cameo tattoo. blogged about my inspiration a couple of months ago: Beautiful cameo tattoos. I have always found cameo and vintage jewelery extremely pretty and I used this to inspire me.

I picked Andrea Furci at The Family Business to design it for me, his art is very feminine and soft, with a traditional tattoo feel.

Here is the photo story of my cameo tattoo – from bare wrist to lovely new tattoo.

Bare wrist before the tattoo.
Bare wrist before the tattoo.
brave face
Putting on a brave face pre-tattoo
The stencil
The stencil
Stencil on arm
I approved the design and it got stencilled onto my wrist...

Once the tattoo is stencilled onto my wrist, I check the position in a mirror and see if I approve. I approved without hesitation, it felt right as soon as I saw it.

Now of course comes the hard bit…the pain…

The outline
The outline (it didn't hurt a bit...honest...)

How it felt
It is very difficult to describe what the tattoo process felt like, I am sure it differs from person to person…but I didn’t think my tattoo hurt – hurt is the wrong word, it just felt uncomfortable. I could feel a burning sensation on my skin, but more than that I was fascinated to see how the tattoo transformed – from stencil to outline to colour. Watching the ink go into my skin and seeing how accurately Andrea Furci could tattoo. So many intricate and delicate little details, yet never straying outside the lines. Such clean lines and vibrant colours.

During the tattoo...
During the tattoo...
The tattoo with shading
The tattoo with shading
tattoo with shading
no colour yet...

The grand unveiling…the beautiful tattoo with full, vibrant colour – reds, blues and warm yellows.

Andrea Furci cameo tattoo
The final piece - my beautiful cameo tattoo by Andrea Furci
Post-tattoo happiness
Post-tattoo happiness
The tattoo is wrapped in cling film to protect it for the first night.
The tattoo is wrapped in cling film to protect it for the first night.
Bandaged and ready for a beer.
Bandaged and ready for a beer.

Now, I would quite like Andrea to design a man in a cameo frame for my other wrist, maybe with a top hat and pipe, facing into my cameo lady.

Thanks Andrea, I can’t wait to get tattooed by you again in the future.

8 thoughts on “My cameo tattoo, by Andrea Furci

  1. Ooo only just saw you’d replied 🙂 I’m feeling very inspired ! I have 2 or 3 I never know wether to class the pair on my wrists as one or two? Your cameo is gorgeous, I hope she gets a little partner in crime soon. xo

  2. Thanks for posting this! I have a cameo idea for the back of my calf and have been trying to find the right person to do it – time to look up Andrea’s portfolio!

  3. Great tattoo, I am thinking about giving a cameo frame for my roller skate tattoo and turn it into, well, a cameo! it is on my leg and has space for the frame, I’m more into black and white tattoos for myself, even though i love color tattoos on other people! so my quad skates are only in black and white and some shades, still thinking if i add more shades to it or not, but i am sure about the cameo now!

    yours turned out beautifully, how many tattoos do you have? so far I have 3

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