Go with the flow – Olivia Snape

Get your tat outFeature girl: Olivia Snape,
Visual Merchandiser/Stylist, London.

Olivia SnapeWhat got you into tattooing?
I have always admired tattoos on other people. I feel tattoos are an extension of personal style and, working in fashion, I think it is very important to express your individuality in the way that you look and dress. My first tattoo was my friend’s lips on my arm (see previous blog post), this represents our friendship and my love of lipstick, I have always loved the interesting and different shape of people’s lips.

Peace sign tattoo

Through infinite immensity tattooDo your tattoos have any meanings?
Some of them, but I do think that people get too caught up in the meaning behind tattoos, you should just go with the flow and if you fancy something just get it done. Obviously, if you’re planning a bigger piece it needs more thought, but tattoos don’t always have to have sentimental value. The words on my arm are from a poem by Emily Brontë that I read at my auntie’s funeral, it is a reminder of her, but I also like the idea that words evoke.

Olivia tattoosWhat inspires you?
People, friends, music, life.

Do you have any tattoos in the pipeline?
I think I am ready for a bigger piece on my back, I am toying with the idea of a traditional rose.

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