Rockalily lovely

Feature girl: ReeRee Rockette, London
ReeRee Rockette is an inspirational woman who is minding her own business…she is the alternative entrepreneur…

I am very happy to share this interview feature with the talented ReeRee Rockette. ReeRee has managed to turn a part-time passion for blogging into a successful career. ReeRee has a unique and driven attitude to life and this is reflected in her style.

Here the inspirational, and very lovely, ReeRee answers some of my questions about her work, life, inspirations and of course, her tattoos…

ReeRee horseshoe
Tattoo by Scarlet Hel
daffodil tattoo
Tattoo by Scarlet Hel

How would you describe your style?
I think other people would describe me largely as a Rockabilly girl, but I enjoy flitting between different styles. Some days I’m more vintage, or more punk, or more rock and roll. Fashion should be fun, and I love being able to play around with my look.

What go you into tattooing?
Oddly, I used to hate tattoos, and my first one was a memorial tattoo, a very small one on my hip. I was surprised at how little it hurt (the little ones are over so quickly they don’t hurt too much!), and I started collecting smaller ones around my waist. I have quite an all-or-nothing personality, and it wasn’t that long until I got a larger back piece.

gypsy tattoo
Tattoo by Valerie Vargas

What inspires you?
Tattoo wise? Lots of things I guess. Places I have been, experiences, and people. I wouldn’t say I have a specific tattoo inspiration, but my current style is definitely old-school inspired.

In life, I would say I am inspired by people who create something from nothing – whether it be a brand, a product, a life etc. People who are positive go-getters, and create the life they want to live.

Do your tattoos have meanings?
Some of my tattoos have meanings, whereas some are completely frivolous. I have three in memory of my Dad, two for life changing experiences, two have references to life mottos of mine,  whereas the rest are quite impulsive and have no actual meaning.

Are you planning more tattoos?
Always! Cash flow is what has slowed me down at the moment, although that is probably a good thing! The next one is a Rockalily Lipstick one, but I would also like my calves done. I would like more work on my thighs, and perhaps my back worked on too.

locket tattoo
Tattoo by Valerie Vargas

Who have you been tattooed by?
Valerie Vargas at Frith Street, London
The Family Business, London
Vince Neil Ink, Las Vegas
Bombshell Tattoo Parlour, Las Vegas
Original Skin, London
Inka, Brighton

handwriting tattoo
Tattoo by Scarlet Hel

How did the ‘ReeRee’ personna grow?
I was given the name ReeRee years ago by a teenage girl I worked closely with, then I started working in the burlesque world and it seemed like the only natural choice!

How did you make your blog such a success?
My blog (thank you for saying it is such a success!)…it has been pretty organic to be honest. It has been awesome to see it evolve and grow as my own ambitions have grown with it.

So tell me more about your businesses..
Rockalily Lipsticks Rockalily is a lipstick brand which reflects my love of rockabilly and retro styling. Red Lipstick is such a key part to my look, and Rockalily Lipsticks are perfect for every day wear (they are very moisturising). I also run Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business – a London and Norwich based business group, for women who run their own business. Both of these grew from the success of my blog – Alternatively Lovely. They all give me a chance to live the life I have always wanted!

peacock tattoo
Tattoo by Valerie Vargas

Thanks so much ReeRee for answering my questions…and I look forward to seeing your new lipstick tattoo…

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Blog –
Wonderful Women –

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