Art Love – Angelique Houtkamp

angelique houtkamp
Tattoo Darling. Angelique Houtkamp

Angelique Houtkamp is the inspirational Dutch tattoo mademoiselle of the contemporary art world.

Angelique brings her own take on the graphic romance of old school tattoos to a fine art format. Her work has been featured in a multitude of magazines, periodicals and books. Her international art shows are a sell out and her tattoo waiting list can be years…

Deceptively simple and instantly recognisable…here is a selection of her beautiful pieces, off and on the body…

Love Hate

and the skin version…

love hate tattooPhoto: facebook

Angelique Houtkamp - Sailor’s sweetheart
Sailor’s sweetheart
lina angelique houtkamp

AH_piaf“Piaf”, pictured above hanging in the Nelly Duff gallery, is one of my favourite Angelique pieces. I recommend having a browse in the beautiful gallery, situated on London’s infamous Columbia Road, which features many of her pieces.

and a skin version…

PiafTattoo: Vicky Garcia

I recommend reading ReeRee Rockette‘s interview with the inspirational woman. ReeRee has a beautiful Angelique-inspired tattoo herself…

ReeRee Rockette - Angelique Houtkamp-inspired tattoo

Too much Angelique inspiration. Click on the picture below to see an album full of Angelique-inspired tattoos on her facebook page.

Angelique Houtkamp tattoos

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