2 thoughts on “Diamonds and feathers.

  1. I never e-mail people I don’t know but felt the need. Here I am looking at different diamond tats.& I come across yours. The reason I’m looking is because I wanted to have a eagle feather (rep. my #2 son)a diamond (rep. my#1 son) all of there short lives I have told them stories how one day one is going to soar and the other is bright with sharp sides like a sword. Also one is my left hand and the other right. I just wanted to share. B

  2. Love the feather tattoo and seriously considering getting a similar delicate tattoo behind my ear. This is to represent my grandmother that passed away and my mother and I both have confidence that small fluffy feathers (much like yours) that keep turning up in all over the house and work etc are her dropping by! It’s a lovely symbol for a tattoo. LB

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