Royal wedding tattoo special

OMG. As royal wedding hysteria sweeps the nation, a crazy tattoo story was bound to hit the press. The Mirror was first to get the scoop…

Shop manager, Steve White, decided to commemorate the wedding celebration of the year by getting Wills and Kate’s silhouette tattooed to his leg. Steve is not a fan of the royals and got it after a couple of beers. The 29-year-old doesn’t think he is marriage material himself, so decided to celebrate someone else’s. I am sure Steve will be able to find a royal wedding fanatic to marry him now…any takers?

Wills and Kate tattoo

Blogs, tattoos and fashion.

Tattoos are an extension of personal style and self expression.

So it comes as no surprise that stylish tattoos sneak their way into fashion blogs. Here is a selection from my favourite style bloggers…

Haute and fierce
Haute and fierce
Haute and fierce 2
Haute and fierce

Fashion heart tattoo

Fashion Toast
safety pin tattoo
Coco, Le Freak C'est Chic

Photos: Haute and Fierce, Fashion Toast, Coco, Le Freak C’est Chic

Art Love – Angelique Houtkamp

angelique houtkamp
Tattoo Darling. Angelique Houtkamp

Angelique Houtkamp is the inspirational Dutch tattoo mademoiselle of the contemporary art world.

Angelique brings her own take on the graphic romance of old school tattoos to a fine art format. Her work has been featured in a multitude of magazines, periodicals and books. Her international art shows are a sell out and her tattoo waiting list can be years…

Deceptively simple and instantly recognisable…here is a selection of her beautiful pieces, off and on the body…

Love Hate

and the skin version…

love hate tattooPhoto: facebook

Angelique Houtkamp - Sailor’s sweetheart
Sailor’s sweetheart
lina angelique houtkamp

AH_piaf“Piaf”, pictured above hanging in the Nelly Duff gallery, is one of my favourite Angelique pieces. I recommend having a browse in the beautiful gallery, situated on London’s infamous Columbia Road, which features many of her pieces.

and a skin version…

PiafTattoo: Vicky Garcia

I recommend reading ReeRee Rockette‘s interview with the inspirational woman. ReeRee has a beautiful Angelique-inspired tattoo herself…

ReeRee Rockette - Angelique Houtkamp-inspired tattoo

Too much Angelique inspiration. Click on the picture below to see an album full of Angelique-inspired tattoos on her facebook page.

Angelique Houtkamp tattoos

Art Love – Charmaine Olivia

Charmaine Olivia at work

Charmaine Olivia – dreamer, painter, tea drinker, self-taught San Franciscan artist. She first started drawing with soy sauce on napkins but has since upgraded to paper and paint. She loves playing Scrabble in the park, cuddling with her kitten and drinking peppermint tea.

Her work is a mix of intense paintings and whimsical drawings, she shifts with ease between styles and mediums. Oil painting requires discipline, commitment and composition, where as her drawings are more spontaneous and free. She admires the work of Brian Viveros and Sam Weber, she is obsessed with Gustav Klimt.

Here is a selection of her differing styles of work.

Bunny Hands
Pirate Silhouette
The Garden
House Keeper

Her work has a contemporary edge and she has worked on projects with Urban Outfitters, Nylon Magazine, Eyes on Walls Threadless, Infectious, Cool Hunting and Society6. Her work also lends itself perfectly to tattooing and this girl has a tattoo inspired by Charmaine Olivia’s Vampire.

Charmaine Olivia tattoo
Tattoo by Garrett Egles

Photo: Facebook Girl: Coreena All artwork taken from Charmaine’s website

Read a full interview with Charmaine Olivia on My Modern Met.