Probably not Born this Way.

I have a confession to make…I think I am in love with a zombie boy.

Rick Genest (aka Rico, aka Zombie Boy, aka the Mugler Muse) is fashion’s latest unconventional star. Moving from sideshow (used to star in a Montreal Circus) to main attraction (Mugler, Nicola Formichetti and Lady GaGa).

Rick and Nicola
Rick and Nicola
Rick and GaGa
Rick and GaGa - for her Born this Way video


The Muse of Mugler
The Muse of Mugler

Genest walked in the Thierry Mugler Fall 2011 runway show, and he was recently photographed by Mariano Vivanco, (styled by Formichetti) for a spread in Vogue Hommes Japan, Hard to be Passive.

hardtobepassiveIt it these pictures – along with about a million views of the GaGa video and constant stalking of his tumblr – that have made me slightly obsessed with this unconventional hotty. He encompasses two of my loves (fashion and tattoos) in a form that in theory sounds unappealing (sexually not in a human intrigue sense), but with those cheekbones, that body and an undeniable sex appeal, I just – like many others – cannot resist.

And for those of you intrigued  to see the before…which I know you are…feast your eyes on this… (unfortunate about the unattractive mouth-open face he is pulling).

Before Rick Genest
I thought long and hard about what I really wanted, what my passion was. And I decided I wanted to be a fucking zombie.

So who’d have though it? I think the skeletal look is rather becoming. With the face above, I fear, he would never have made it onto the Mugler Catwalk or the pages of Vogue (although I am intrigued to see more before shots of the un-photoshopped variety).

Rick, I salute you , your vision and your overactive imagination. You’re a celebration the art of obscenity and the macabre in a high-fashion form.

To read an in interview with the man himself go to

and Rick I truly hope that one day I will get to meet you in person…

4 thoughts on “Probably not Born this Way.

  1. he looks so much better now!
    too bad gaga is turning freaks into a mainstream high fashion thing.
    her video is good, music is eurovision crap madonna rip-off
    I believe she will end up like Theda Bara, a sad charicature of herself

  2. It is amazing what a bit of zombification can do to a man…didn’t realise it could improve someone to this extent…

    I don’t think it a bad thing that unusual characters are becoming mainstream…makes the media a little more exciting and well-represented…you have to love the genius of GaGa. Art is life.

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