Get your tat out – sunny Sunday in Camden.

Location: Camden Town

This beautiful little tattoo belongs to my friend la la Luna, this photo was taken as we enjoyed a Sunday afternoon afternoon beverage in Lock 17 (very much pre-drunkeness).


The key symbolises my friendship and cohabitation with Miss Lucy Nye. NB This is a drunken sketch and should in no way relate to the final tattoo design.

Three bottles of wine later, after talk of getting tattooed (hearts behind ears and keys of friendship), we staggered and swayed over to the Lock Tavern, to have a boogie to the sounds of SBTRKT. Shots and double rums were consumed in abundance – only a pound extra coos the curly-haired handsome chap behind the bar and how could we refuse?

We make ourselves comfortable round a very sociable table and chat with a lovely lad by the name of Ming. As he passes me a sambuca – of the flaming variety – I notice a lovely little inked treble clef on this hand (note the sambuca-filled background that is making my stomach churn as I type).

MingThe tattoo was done by the guitarist of Skunk Anansie 12 years ago in Camden Lock, so a pretty cool story behind it too.

And so the night ended with take away, taxis and talk and all I have to show for the evening is a hangover and about 2p in change, oh and a blog post so enjoy and I hope your Monday isn’t as hangover hazed as mine…

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