Get your tat out. Returned.

My first ever Get your tat out post featured a lovely lady called Laura, with her script tattoo, Inhale. She has now added a complimentary little heart tattoo to her other arm…she is possibly feeling a little romantic before her nuptials this year…and I have a feeling there will be more romantic inkings to follow…

Inhale and heart tattoo

My body is a blank canvas.

RachFeature girl: Rachael D’Alessandro
Today’s feature girl is the beautiful ink addict Rachael, she is in the buying team at Topshop, she loves art and lives in London.

Rachael considers her tattoos as art and treats her body like a blank canvas. The tattoos that adorn her body are art not necessarily about meaning, but about beauty. Art that will live on her skin forever…She even considered tattooing as a career option, but somehow her path has taken her into fashion and as you can see from this collection of photos she is one stylishly painted lady…

Heart wings tattooHer first tattoo was the heart wings, in between her shoulder blades, adapted from a drawing that she did at the age of 16 (tattoo was also done at this time but shh don’t tell anyone – clearly a rebel at heart). The tattoo was done at a studio in Lincoln.Faith tattoo

Her second tattoo is the word Faith on her wrist in  flowing type. This lovely little inking is by Chris at Modern Body Art. Chris was also lucky enough to ink her for a third time, this time her right wrist and a very feminine flowing garden vine design.

Garden vine tattoo
round and round the garden...

heart, locket and flower tattooHer fourth (and one of my faves) is her heart, locket and flower design, on her lower back, so beautifully feminine against her skin. This is by Dawny and again was done at Modern Body Art. Rachael liked this one so much she got Dawny to do her fifth arm piece, inspired by all the things she loves.

Rach's life-inspired arm design
This is Rachael's personal favourite piece

Treasure chest and agape tattoo
I unconditionally love this tattoo.

Her sixth piece, again another Modern Body Art masterpiece, is her treasure chest with the word Agape. Agape means unconditional love in Greek philosophy.

Her seventh piece is the writing on her neck, this is a love piece and her boyfriend has the same design. Inspired by Beethoven’s third love letter to Josephine, Immortal Beloved. ever thine tattoo

Rach BackRachael your art is beautiful and I would love to see more as you cover your canvas…

Photos: Olivia Snape

Probably not Born this Way.

I have a confession to make…I think I am in love with a zombie boy.

Rick Genest (aka Rico, aka Zombie Boy, aka the Mugler Muse) is fashion’s latest unconventional star. Moving from sideshow (used to star in a Montreal Circus) to main attraction (Mugler, Nicola Formichetti and Lady GaGa).

Rick and Nicola
Rick and Nicola
Rick and GaGa
Rick and GaGa - for her Born this Way video


The Muse of Mugler
The Muse of Mugler

Genest walked in the Thierry Mugler Fall 2011 runway show, and he was recently photographed by Mariano Vivanco, (styled by Formichetti) for a spread in Vogue Hommes Japan, Hard to be Passive.

hardtobepassiveIt it these pictures – along with about a million views of the GaGa video and constant stalking of his tumblr – that have made me slightly obsessed with this unconventional hotty. He encompasses two of my loves (fashion and tattoos) in a form that in theory sounds unappealing (sexually not in a human intrigue sense), but with those cheekbones, that body and an undeniable sex appeal, I just – like many others – cannot resist.

And for those of you intrigued  to see the before…which I know you are…feast your eyes on this… (unfortunate about the unattractive mouth-open face he is pulling).

Before Rick Genest
I thought long and hard about what I really wanted, what my passion was. And I decided I wanted to be a fucking zombie.

So who’d have though it? I think the skeletal look is rather becoming. With the face above, I fear, he would never have made it onto the Mugler Catwalk or the pages of Vogue (although I am intrigued to see more before shots of the un-photoshopped variety).

Rick, I salute you , your vision and your overactive imagination. You’re a celebration the art of obscenity and the macabre in a high-fashion form.

To read an in interview with the man himself go to

and Rick I truly hope that one day I will get to meet you in person…

Get your tat out – sunny Sunday in Camden.

Location: Camden Town

This beautiful little tattoo belongs to my friend la la Luna, this photo was taken as we enjoyed a Sunday afternoon afternoon beverage in Lock 17 (very much pre-drunkeness).


The key symbolises my friendship and cohabitation with Miss Lucy Nye. NB This is a drunken sketch and should in no way relate to the final tattoo design.

Three bottles of wine later, after talk of getting tattooed (hearts behind ears and keys of friendship), we staggered and swayed over to the Lock Tavern, to have a boogie to the sounds of SBTRKT. Shots and double rums were consumed in abundance – only a pound extra coos the curly-haired handsome chap behind the bar and how could we refuse?

We make ourselves comfortable round a very sociable table and chat with a lovely lad by the name of Ming. As he passes me a sambuca – of the flaming variety – I notice a lovely little inked treble clef on this hand (note the sambuca-filled background that is making my stomach churn as I type).

MingThe tattoo was done by the guitarist of Skunk Anansie 12 years ago in Camden Lock, so a pretty cool story behind it too.

And so the night ended with take away, taxis and talk and all I have to show for the evening is a hangover and about 2p in change, oh and a blog post so enjoy and I hope your Monday isn’t as hangover hazed as mine…

Nested dolls.

object within similar object

The Russian doll principle mirrors layering aspects of design…
…the design of each doll is elaborately intricate and beautiful.

This is probably why the iconic image has become so popular on skin…

Here is a selection of my favourite Russian doll tattoos.

friend tattoo russian dolls
Beats a friendship bracelet.

Doll on arm
Oh no...I want this one too

Ok so I want them all. Maybe I’ll get a whole family of them…my very own inked Russian doll gang.

Photos: fuckyeahtattoos, princessinferno, stylesightings