If Adam tattooed Eve…

Feature girl: Eve (@evebeebee)
8:30-5, Monday to Friday she is an Accountant, the rest of the time she is a tattooed vintage pirate barbie doll, now she is my latest tattoo crush.

Eve“I got my first tattoo when I was 22. Maybe a little late to start but I’ve seen so many awful tattoos; ill thought out and a 16-year-old’s fad, done in a dodgy parlour. I wanted to be sure what I was getting and where I was going…I’ve always tried to be a little ‘different’, be it with clothes or hair (it has been known to be bright pink). Tattoos were a natural progression for expressing myself and my individuality…As an accountant I would hate to live up to the ‘boring’ stereotype, but I think I manage to remove myself somewhere far from it…”

Join me on her tattoo countdown

Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind
Pin-up Girl
Vargas inspired

Number 1 – “the line of music on my foot. It’s actually a line from the Rolling Stones song Ruby Tuesday. I drew it out myself from the actual sheet music, you could use my foot as a score if I put it on a music stand! The notes as apposed to the lyrics add my own individual flair.
Tattoo by Rich at Underground Tattoo, in Walsall.”



Number two – “the pin up girl on my ribs by Mark at Midlands Tattoo Centre, in Cannock. By this point tattoos are becoming a slight addiction. I love the old style pin-up girl artists such as Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas. This was completely inspired by Vargas’ calendar pin-up drawing, December girl from 1944.”

Love Hate
Twisted stereotype


Three and four – “my wrists. This was more for ironic amusement than anything. I always find it funny when you tell people you have tattoos, reactions tend to be ‘at least you don’t have love and hate across your knuckles!’ My response now is ‘Well no…but I do have it on my wrists!’ It’s in script so not ‘obvious’ unless you look properly.”Ribs



Number five – “I originally wanted a peacock, but I couldn’t find a picture I liked. I wanted its tail swooping around my back. My tattooist Mark found a picture of a phoenix and I loved it, so it evolved from there. It is about 95% complete, with just a little bit more work on the tail needed.”

Pain like a thorn

Number six – “(My final for now at least), the rose on the back of my neck, this hurt a lot! My boyfriend will be getting the same tattoo but in blue. We’ll have a matching set!”

Eve. You’re my inspiration, I am totally tattoo crushing on you.

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