Things for the weekend.

This weekend I shall be attending two very exciting events.


ACOFI-inviteThis event, at 123 Bethnal Green Road, will celebrate the launch of Amelia Gregory‘s Compendium of Fashion Illustration. I am particularly excited about the goodie bags as they look utterly splendid (let’s face it who doesn’t love  good tote?) I can’t wait to blog about this one, but in the meantime I must find something to wear…


Brighton Tattoo ConventionThe fourth annual tattoo convention in Brighton.
I attended the convention last year – I was a virgin convention goer back then – and I am a little more excited than apprehensive this time round. Some of the photos from last year are here, I will endeavor to get lots more photos, inspiration and artist info for you. As ever my trusty photographer Looby will be accompanying me, are you ready for this Loobs?

See you at the after party?

Extremely excited about both for very different reasons. Once the weekend has passed expect blogging, pictures and beauty of wondrous contrast.

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