If the slipper fits…or the lips…

Olivia SnapeOnce upon a time there was a girl called Olivia. She was a quirky girl with lots of flair. She worked in fashion and possessed a unique style to match. The boys stared and the girls often glared. The envy of all that looked upon her. To enhance her look she wished to etch that individuality onto her body. Style that remained when her clothes did not. “What on earth would be the perfect fit?” a question this stylish young girl often pondered.

One sunny day in Brighton Olivia sat amongst her friends, her lips painted her calling card red. Then the thought dawned. The lips that encapsulated her flamboyant flair could be painted on her skin when her lips remained bare. So Olivia printed her scarlet red lips onto a napkin. “This is just not right”, she proclaimed “this just won’t do”. She realised she did not want her own lips, but something so much more. Her friends called out, “why not mine Olivia?” So she put them all to the test and they all kissed a napkin wearing Olivia’s trademark red lipstick, but which lips would win?

with a pout like that how did he fail...?

First up was Ed ‘Deathwish‘ Higgins, the napkin he did kiss. “Olivia, use mine, use mine” he cried. However the napkin impression did not impress young Olivia. “These lips are too thin, these lips were not meant to be painted red, imagine how silly they would look on my skin!” Olivia decided Ed’s thin lips were just not meant to be, they would provide no artwork on her skin.

Next up was Jorunn, how would her lips compete? Would they become the fairest lips of them all and adorn Olivia’s body for life? And so she kissed, however they missed. “Something is just not right” Olivia cried in despair, almost tearing out her peroxide blonde hair. Jorunn looked glum, she just hadn’t won. Olivia was sorry, but for her it had to feel right.

Kissed napkin

Liv and KeelyThen there was Keely. In their eyes pure love, they gazed at each other across the table. “It’s meant to be” proclaimed the young fashionista. “Keely your lips are mine”. So Keely kissed and left was the perfect imprint. These lips are for life. Forever, Olivia and Keely, best friends and tattoo buddies.

So here it stands. Olivia and Keely and a memoriam of their friendship ever lasting.

Olivia lips

This is a story based on the real life experiences of Olivia Snape. A beautiful young stylist (see her blog here) who left Market Harborough to pursue a career in London. Her style remains iconic, she has won awards for it…I’d like to think it all began on that sunny day in Brighton…let’s hope there is much ink to come…I will endeavour to keep you updated on her story.

Finished lipsFeaturing: Olivia Snape

After lipsAfter lips

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