New year’s resolutions – imagine the possibilties.

I often imagine what the new year has in store for me…next year I imagine my career will come into its own and I will be exactly where I imagine my 27-year-old self to be. 2011 will be my year…I will make it happen.

Oh. and of course I will get more ink. That goes without saying.

Imagine. What are your new year’s resolutions?

ImaginePhoto: source unknown.

A very merry Christmas from Alice Th’ink.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

Here are a few festive pics to wish all my readers a very happy Christmas…love and merriment to all.


Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer…all sing along now…
a little festive robin…but this pic is making my toes nippy.
I really must start wrapping my presents…
Anchor in snow
Well it is snowing…

Photos: source unknown

The Tale of the Tattoo.

The enchanted tales and illustrations of Beatrix Potter will forever have a place in my heart, they were much loved in my childhood.

Beatrix PotterOnce upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Peter…

And once upon a time there were some Potter fans who decided they would take their dedication one step further…

Peter Rabbit

An adult take on a childhood memory…

Photos: unknown, unknown,

Art Love – Terry Bradley.

Terry BradleyTerry Bradley was born in Belfast in the 60s. His Mother used to try and keep him from “Troubles” outside their front door.

Bradley’s escapism from a troubled Belfast came from reading Hergé’s Adventures of Tin Tin. His art is influenced by the black lines of the vivid illustrations in these tales. He often imagined travels and the exotic world beyond the realities of Belfast.  Bradley discovered that drawing calmed his nerves and he could lose himself in the complexities of observing people and then recreating them in his own way on paper.

Terry’s interests lie in both art and fashion. Ever an eye for the aesthetic Terry opened his own clothes shop in the trendy university area of the city. The shop was named Retro and soon became a leader in fashion for the clothes conscious of Belfast City.

Terry is a multi-talented man and his collaborative work means that his work goes beyond the painted canvas. Take a look at his projects here.

Here is a selection of his beautiful work.

Hope Angel
Hope Angel
Lady Luck
Lady Luck
Honour and Hope
Honour and Hope
Manhattan Showgirls
Manhattan Showgirls
Girl in Green
Girl in Green

All photos are taken from Terry’s website


Hello Keely.

Feature girl: Keely Reichardt (her blog is here)

KeelyOh well, hello there Keely. My new tattoo feature girl. A talented make-up artist, who has taken her quest for beautification from her flawlessly made-up face to her body. Keely is covered in beautiful ink, feast your eyes on this th’inkers…

SkullWhat a pretty skull you have…a girly, modern twist on a traditional tattoo idea. The skull was created by Matt Difa, who used to work in Tusk, Covent Garden.






As a striking pin-up style girl herself, Keely decided she would also like to Pin-up girlpin-up her body.

This piece is a work in progress. Created by – the very much in demand – Nikole Lowe of London Ink fame. Keely would love to get this piece finished, but is not quite sure when or if this will ever happen. Keely tells a funny tale about her inking experience…

“The second sitting was extremely painful after a particularly easy first sitting with the outline – probably down to the fact that I was a little stoned so felt nothing. Although an old hells angel style character came in and told me it was going to feel like I had been hung and was being beaten with sticks….he then proceeded to show me his bull dog tattoo on his knees.”

Keely I wish I had been there to witness this, sounds like an interesting experience to say the least…I also wish we had a picture of the man and his bulldog-branded knee!

FootNow we move on to Keely’s beautiful feet and possibly my favourite tattoo of all time. This piece was inspired by the Japanese Manga artist Junko Mizuno. This inspired ink is a collaborative creation by Paula, at Into You. Paula and Keely picked out the images they liked from comic books and combined and changed them to create this piece of art.



BackThis dramatic and awe-inspiring back piece by Matt Difa, at the Jolie Rouge . Stigmatas, Latin meaning ‘Branded with tattoos’.




DWBH – Don’t Worry, Be Happy. The lip tattoo was done by some guy in a random parlour in Middlesex for a tenner! He thought DW and BH were initials, hence the big gap.

Mince pies and heartLove Heart – by Adam, Into you. This piece was done by hand, not using a gun. Keely originally wanted a pineapple, but apparently this would be too intricate for a finger design.

Keely’s creative approach to tattooing has made me feel utterly inspired. I also really fancy a mince pie, anyone else?

Photos: Olivia Snape