Dude or don’t?

Kid with tattoo

Anything seems to go in Russia. This 13-year-old was tattooed by his father.

I cannot decide what I think about the parents of this child. On the one hand they appear irresponsible and unfair. This child is going to have these tattoos for the rest of his life and who knows whether he will still like them next year, let alone when he is an adult. On the other hand let’s face it, he looks undeniably cool, cooler than my 27-year-old self can even dream of being.

I am sure he is the envy of many of his classmates, my mum wouldn’t let me get my ears pierced till I was in my teens. I was ridiculously jealous of the girls with the diamond studs. But is this insanity? No denying the tattoos look amazing and well done, but what are they going to look like when he grows into his adult skin?

On another note, when I have kids will they look this cool? Unlikely considering I was known as the fat eagle.

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