My tattoo crush.

Feature girl: Linda Collin

LindaLinda Collin, my new tattoo crush. Beautiful girl with beautiful art, she definitely feeds my tattoo imagination. Here is what inspires her.

“I don’t know why I got into tattoos, but I always wanted one. When I moved to London it was like starting a new chapter in my life, I thought that this is the perfect time to get a tattoo to represent my life, myself, and new beginnings in London.

Blood Brothers skull“This is when I got the Mexican sugar skull on my forearm. Like me at first glance, it looks scary and some people get a bit intimidated. When you have a second look you realise the girlyness and femininity, with pink bows and roses contrasting against the grey of the outline.. (tattoo: Blood Brothers)

“All my tattoos have special meaning; they represent a part of someone that has made a big impact on my life, like my sister and my grandfather. I think it’s important to have a meaning behind your tattoos as they are so personal.Tash and tears

“I don’t know what inspires me, I think it’s all in the moment and I see different things that I like and sometimes it’s just in my head, it can be hard when you don’t have a picture of what you want, but you just have to discuss your ideas with your tattooist and make it a joint collaboration

“I’m planning to get both my sleeves done by the end of next year. I sort of have all the details in my head, I want to continue with the old school theme on my left arm and then do Japanese art on the other one, and maybe my feet.. It’s such an addictive thing and you sort of get new ideas all the time. For me, my art is a work in progress.”

So guys, watch this space…I am intrigued to see where Linda’s tattoo journey takes her.

GypsyTattoo: New Wave







Linda's arm tattoos

4 thoughts on “My tattoo crush.

  1. OMG !!! I know Linda !!! HAHA that is sooo random, she use to work with my friend and we use to go to the pub and sometimes out to a club. She is such a wicked girl and I love her skull tat !!! Oh she bloody rocks

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