Feed the Rhino front man gets his tats out.

Feature boy: Lee, Feed the Rhino front man.

Lee - Feed the RhinoSo, out in Camden last night and happened to spot a hot guy with amazing tattoos in The Hawley Arms…oh and guess who it was? It just happened to be Feed the Rhino vocalist Lee Tobin. Apologies, the photos aren’t as great as they could be, but mucho vino had been consumed…

…and Lee, where did you disappear off to? Thought you wanted to take us home…?!

Lee arm tattooTorso tattoo


Key and Anchor.

Key and Anchor

Dear Diary,

Please can I have these tattoos for Christmas? I have been a very good girl and I deserve some beautiful art.

Thanks very much,

Alice Th’ink

PS Father Christmas if you’re listening, taking notes and possibly learning how to tattoo that would be great.

Photo: Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!

Right side, key (for the bluebird that wants to get out).
Left side, anchor (for when I leave and when I stay).


Permanent love.

Show your commitment with a love tattoo (if you dare).
(click on image to enlarge)

In love
In Love With You

In Love With You – well I guess the you could be anyone…even you!

Matching hearts
Hearts entwined

Not as daring as front of finger….

Love love
Dani For Love - Love For Johnny

I love that they picked different fonts. Matching, but with their own twist.

The heart once owned
Never Lost

What the heart once owned. it shall never lose.

Follow me, Follow you
Follow me.

Follow me and I’ll follow you (hopefully not in a stalker way!)

Old love
Wrinkly love

Growing old together.

Photos: source unknown

Dude or don’t?

Kid with tattoo

Anything seems to go in Russia. This 13-year-old was tattooed by his father.

I cannot decide what I think about the parents of this child. On the one hand they appear irresponsible and unfair. This child is going to have these tattoos for the rest of his life and who knows whether he will still like them next year, let alone when he is an adult. On the other hand let’s face it, he looks undeniably cool, cooler than my 27-year-old self can even dream of being.

I am sure he is the envy of many of his classmates, my mum wouldn’t let me get my ears pierced till I was in my teens. I was ridiculously jealous of the girls with the diamond studs. But is this insanity? No denying the tattoos look amazing and well done, but what are they going to look like when he grows into his adult skin?

On another note, when I have kids will they look this cool? Unlikely considering I was known as the fat eagle.

Adam Pearson – Suspicious tattoos.

Adam PearsonRight or wrong?

Should someone be pulled off a flight for having tattoos?

Adam Pearson, an LA food stylist was asked to step off a flight as another passenger had reported his ‘suspicious-looking’ tattoos. Soon after Pearson twittered “Just pulled off delta flight, passenger said I was suspicious looking due to my tattoos @DeltaAssist not happy at all #goldmedallion fail”. This tweet kicked off an online furor of angry foodies and tattoo enthusiasts.

The question is; was this the right thing to do? Should flight attendants have listened to one prejudice passenger who judged someone purely by their own standards? Or should the passenger who complained have been asked to move instead? Who in this crazy world is in the right?

Photo: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com