James Yuill. I think I love you.

WARNING: This post is not intended to be a serious music review, more the opinions of a meandering twenty something who really should know when to stop.

Dear Diary,

I want to see James Yuill at new club XOYO last night. I think I luuurve him.

Now I don’t claim to know anything about music, and whether something is of technical brilliance. But I do know what I like (even if I can’t remember what it is called or put it into a genre).

As the bustling crowd gathered a few girls started to debate the hotness of Mr Yuill (something I have never questioned). One girl said he looked like a scientist, another a mathematician. You get the jist. James Yuill has that geek chic edge, he looks like the type of man who knows his stuff. I think most girls agreed that this is mightily attractive. He is also a thoroughly pleasant chap to boot.

James YuillSo he twiddled his buttons and played his guitar and produced a beautiful mix of pounding electro and hushed acoustic tones. One minute we are raving, next we are waving our arms back and forth as we sway together. As I listen to him playing on my laptop now, it just does not do him justice. The lights were hypnotic and all eyes were on him, all dapper in white shirt and black tie. He took time to engage with his audience and ask them what they wanted to hear. “James we just want you”. What a gent.

So the end drew near. the crowd screamed for more. Encore, encore.

Gent James did not leave, he stood and sold CDs. And what did I happen to glance in his hand? A sharpie. Yes, a shaprie. After harping on about how when drunk I love nothing more than to draw on myself. Well, this was an opportunity not to be missed. James Yuill. Yes, James Yuill could write on me with his sharpie (even if I look like a raving loon in the process). So, I reverted back to my prepubescent self and I asked him to write on my arm. *swoon, faint, scream internally*

Alice and James
Will I ever wash again?


He asked my name, I told him Alice. “no, no actually write White Queen.” Oh he says, “did you tweet me earlier?” *Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, act cool* “Yes James I did indeed”. And so there it goes, James is such a gent, he interacts with his fans (even if they come across as raving lunatics) and he gives into their requests, however silly. So let’s hope I am the first of many girls to have their arm written on by Mr Yuill. Oh and his handwriting is beautiful too, is there anything this man can’t do?

Super Fan or Super Dork?

So only a few questions remain. James if I follow you, will you follow me? And who will tattoo over this signature before I have to wash it off?

AliceTh’ink (or tweet me at MoreWhiteQueen)






James Yuill
Hearts for James Yuill

PS, go buy the album. The cover actually provides inspiration for tattoo ideas…custom tattoos by James Yuill…and with handwriting like that I am pretty sure I would let him tattoo me with his own fair hands.

Album cover

Photos: My very own personal photographer, Miss Looby Hobin.

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