Strange children and sharpies.

Dear Diary,

To ink or not to ink, that is the definitely the question on lots of girl’s lips these days and it is a topic I frequently ponder upon. With tattoos and body art at the forefront of fashion and media it seems that tattoos are more than an ill-thought Chinese symbol or butterfly. They are a continuation of one’s own style and identity, an affirmation of individuality.

Alice and Olivia
The Snape sisters were always trendsetters

Body art and modification were never far from my mind, even as a young girl. By the time I was ten all the girls at school had beautiful little diamond (diamante, Argos) earrings and my poor little lobes remained bare, awaiting some pretty (ugly) adornment. My jealousy could not be denied and my sister and I even invented “the piercing game”, much to the annoyance of the parentals. When sat in the back of the family car, we would take it in turns to pierce each other. This involved picking a part of our body and squeezing between our fingers, strange little girls. Needless to say, many a girly scream would emanate from the Snape car.

This obsession grew and I was often found, pen in hand adorning my body with “tattoos”. Generally my doodles would feature hearts, butterflies and general girly silliness. This habit has even carried through to womanhood. Admittedly, now, it is a habit that comes out to play after copious amounts of vino after stumbling across a sharpie in my handbag (god knows why it is even in there). Heart

The sharpie is no longer satisfying my craving for ink and I am constantly on the lookout for inspiration, realistic inspiration. So begins the search for my new art. This diary will capture each moment of my journey.

Help and ideas are more than welcome.


3 thoughts on “Strange children and sharpies.

  1. I love london/Miami/LA ink I have always dreamed of getting a Japanese Bonsai Design just above my right hip! I think that would complement my brown skin too! Look forward to seeing where your Ink trail takes you!

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