Art is Erotic.

get your tat out

Feature boy: Christopher Parnell (author of Ginger Fashion Blog)

Chris Parnell

Christopher Parnell feeds my tattoo imagination with his beautiful and somewhat erotic tattoo. Although he says he got most of his tattoos randomly, for me they embody his personal tastes and stylish dress sense. An arty type, these tattoos reflect his flair and flamboyant nature.

Klimt is one of his favourite artists along with Tamara de Lempicka, Tracy Emin and Mucha. He loves the original drawing of ‘The Blood of Fish’, because of its sinister and passionate nature.

It’s a possibility that he will have more tattoos one day, preferably by his favourite artists or work that he loves.  He also has an uncoloured English rose, a Courtney Love lyric, and 3 stars he got when he was 16.

Hopefully Chris will feature in this blog again soon with the rest of his tattoos and future works of art. But unfortunately at the minute his camera is buggered.

Blood of Fish
The Blood of Fish, Gustav Klimt

Chris’s tattoo, a beautiful replica of Klimt’s erotic masterpiece.
(that’s the inside of his arm by the way…!)

Chris's Blood of Fish

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