Cut and Paste, Don’t Rub me it’s Fake.

Cut and PasteDon’t rub me it’s Fake.

Love art and tattoos?

Too scared to take the permanent and painful plunge?

Unsure how designs can change when on the skin, a breathing, living, moving organism.  

Where do you wear art forever? and not end up hating it and having to go through another painful process of removal ala Peter Andre.

Think about what art you like. Make your own art. Put it on your skin and see how it looks. Or use someone else’s. I rarely go off the art that hangs on my wall in the same fickle way that I toss a handbag, jacket, skirt, fishnet tights into my great crate of former loves that reside in the deepest, darkest caverns of my wardrobe ready for the charity shop/bin man/anyone who’ll take it.

Art hangs on my wall, sometimes unobserved, but always loved. Tattoos are the same. Invest in tattoos as you would in art, only get it if you love it. Until one day it becomes part of you, unnoticed until you meet someone new and they comment. Obviously art cannot be loved by everyone, but as long as you love it who cares? So experiment with what you already like.

All photos are taken from the beautiful book Tattoo Icons • Victionary 3 (Limited edition). This book inspires you to think about tattoos and art beyond their tradional boundaries. Think of tattoos as more than just anchors, flowers, butterflies and tribal bands and have fun and experiment with transfers.

This.  To that.

Take it EasyOn Man

Leaf design.

Leaf on girl.Pink artPink tattoo

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